The Misfits (Feature)

February 2, 2016

THE MISFITS is a fun, action-packed, family friendly horror series that redefines the youthful genre. The Misfits is what our main characters call themselves, a group of 7th graders with a knack for adventure and mischief. Comic book, horror, and sci-fi geeks at heart, they make it their job to search for mystery and the unexplainable. Now it's the last day of school and the gang could not be happier to have the summer all to themselves...or so they thought. While out on a routine outing to collect info on Bigfoot, the Misfits stumble upon a secret even bigger then their furry friend, they discover a secret coven of werewolves right in their own backyard! When the werewolves catch wind that they've been discovered, they'll stop at nothing to make wolf chow out of the kids. Now, with a full moon watching overhead, our kids have until sunrise to stop the werewolves and take back their summer. It's all in a days work when you're a Misfit! 



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